#1.5 to stay alive


Photo by Erin Tsai, CMI Media Club

Paris called COP21. World leaders will come together to negotiate a climate change agreement. There are more than 1000 marches across the globe that are being planned before the talks to demand action on climate change and climate justice.


Photo by Erin Tsai, CMI Media Club

Along with the “1.5 Global March” in Majuro, Marshall Islands the Bike Club joined the march with their bikes. This Bike Club started with a CMI teacher who is concern about climate change and has decided to bike to work everyday.


Photo by Erin Tsai, CMI Media Club

Half way into the march these young ladies never put down the poster. They are strong and willing to see a change happen for the future of their island. A horrible situation happening just around the corner when nothing is done shoud stop now before it is too late.


Photo by Erin Tsai, CMI Media Club

During the march there was a bunch of cars passing by and we have kindly ask for their support by honking their car. Young men and women are simply showing the poster off to the surround people. They have hold their posters high and proud. A small steps leads to better sucess for the future of their nation.


Photo by Erin Tsai, CMI Media Club

As we arrived at our destination we have kindly gather everyone near the sea wall and took pictures of them. In the middle of the photo there was an amazing banner done by the famous artist on island. Each of the students have raised their posters high up so it can be seen. Just like the situation we want it to be recognized.


Photo by Erin Tsai, CMI Media Club

Students along with the Bike Club bikers have gather around the sea wall right next to the lagoon. Not only does it look beatiful but it sybloizes for the climate change happening. It really shows that we are living around water. The island is in fact surrounded by the sea.


Photo by Erin Tsai, CMI Media Club

In ending this lovely evening students were lined up and formed into the shape of 1.5 with their posters. This really does mean something it is meant that there are no jokes being joke about the are serious about the situation. We want to make a change.


Photo by Erin Tsai, CMI Media Club

While the Paris COP21 is happening there are others things happening at the same time. The global march that more than 1000 marches are planned. In order to bring more awareness a social media campaign is launch. This young lady had decided to be surround by the sea and holding the child in her arms along with their poster saying “#1.5 to stay alive”.

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