Be my Palusami

Be my palusami
Let me be your foil
Wrap you all around
Like a band aid on a boil

Like the grog bowl
Our love can be sosoko
Having you in my arms
Is like having dalo in the lovo

Uro – Levu,
Lewa e dau nice’s
Cause you’re hot ca
Like my auntyz curry spices

My heart opens up
Like one tin corned beef
When i see you smiling at me
With all.. your four teeth

Beautiful girl,
See that’s what you are
And even more beautiful
When you stand from afar

Your smell is something
I can never ignore
When you walk pass a crowd
People drop to the floor

Some even run
And look for the door
Can only mean one thing
Your smell is hard-core

Your Voice so interesting
You entertain the masses
Though what comes with it
Puts shame to greenhouse gasses

Your skin is so smooth… and hard
Like the scales of a dragon
You look like an angel
Who got kicked out of Heaven

You are..Hot like the moon
Cool like a fridge
Short like your temper
Wide like a bridge

Forever in my heart
You will always be
Like the kutu in your hair
That will always run free

This is TRUE LOVE baby
I’ll pick you up when you fall
I’m blind to your mistakes
I love you.. your faults.. and your all


Andrew Bolakoro is a graphic designer who loves writing and music. He is inspired by local rappers including Sammy G, Mr Grin and his cousin, Red Child. He credits his introduction to hip hop culture through his relationship with his cousin, as the initial inspiration to write rap verses and, more recently, poetry. Andrew prefers longhand journaling to document his writing.

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