My Ocean

I’m born in, I breathe
And i cry
In my Ocean

I crawl, walk
Run till i fly
In my Ocean

Am where i exist
And i’m alive
So i’m boastin

That i will live
Till i die
In my Ocean

She can be dangerous,
playful, revealing or mysterious
Her beauty, magnificence
Her colors, innocence
She is proof that you don’t need to leave this world
For you to step into another universe

Her mood is unpredictable
She changes with the winds that blow
Her untamed love
Gives salt to every individual
She caters for her children
It’s a beautiful visual

Like a mother to her child
She puts that food in our belly
She gives that soothing sound
Gives peace when you’re heavy

Waves of serenity
That ocean motion feeling
And when the sun sets
Her looks are so appealing

She is that Fish that man finds
And bring home for supper
When she plays with the young ones
She is that smile and laughter

She is that sight for sore eyes
When you’re feeling down
And with the sense of redemption
She wipes away that frown

We take all this for granted
See your ocean needs you
Judgement draweth near
Don’t bite the hand that feeds you

So many times YOU are caught up
In YOUR own world and you don’t see
This world of OURS is dying
This kingdom that i’d like to call WE

WE were the ones that overly westernized
WE through OUR ways were to be totally chastised
WE failed to recognize, that WE used stench to BURN THE SKIES
WE seduced and entertained, too many of these INDUSTRIAL flies
Acidic tears bleed from the world that is WE, OUR mothers eyes

Now, that which was once our heritage
Turns into faded glory
Lost in polluted ruins
And dying from untold stories

Untold stories of how she made you smile
How she held your hand and walked you down the aisle
How she added flavor and fed you and your child
How she made you stronger every time you reconciled

with the sight of her beauty
The love without scrutiny
The wild perfect waves
Of peace, her purity

This GOD given kingdom of
WE should NEVER be ignored
Our hearts were birthed from these waters
May these waters be where
Our TREASURES are forever STORED


Andrew Bolakoro is a graphic designer who loves writing and music. He is inspired by local rappers including Sammy G, Mr Grin and his cousin, Red Child. He credits his introduction to hip hop culture through his relationship with his cousin, as the initial inspiration to write rap verses and, more recently, poetry. Andrew prefers longhand journaling to document his writing.

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