So many have done their pieces on feminism and well this is mine
I actually took some time out to settle down my thoughts to write
up a few rhymes
On what bothered me so much
Even though I may have been guilty of its’ crime
If I had to bribe myself with a penny for my thoughts this would take
me a few dimes
See this is hard for me to say
So let me tell you all a story
I mean no offence so in advance, I am sorry
I tried my best not to write this out poorly
And I hope I get to express it out fully

Her name was Lydia and she used to dream of going to India
Finish her classes get good grades and probably be on Wikipedia
But now she so caught up with all this social media
Not realizing its slowly filling her with lies on who she is and ought
to be and killing her
She ends up quitting all her courses cause according to her peer
pressuring sources
Getting drunk and wasted in sex is what Beyoncé endorses
And her body is nothing but currency to big money bosses
Theres an evil in this world and this unseen force is
Making her think shes gaining when in fact she’s making losses
And she’s losing, with every sesh of her and her friends boozing
Till she gets so drunk that from the corners of her mouth froth
comes oozing
She’s having a fit, quick, someone get her a me-dic
Then her boyfriend carries her into a dark room and pretends to be
dysle-xic (and that’s sick)
He heard them say medic but he removed the M E

And replaces them with his friends so now Lydias in this dark room
with 1…2…and 3

After that night, Lydias happiness turns into gloom
And she contemplates suicide daily because of what happened in
that room
Now she’s walking along the seawall like she does every night
Cause the monster that used to sex her had suddenly taken flight
Blurred by her tears, she’s starting to lose sight
Of the difference between the wrong and the right
Selling out her body just to make it all right
She’s depressed and she’s lonely, slowly giving up the fight
Lydia GET UP your time is not over!
You are a woman of purpose
Wipe that dirt of your shoulder
You are made and meant for so much more
You are worth more than the riches that this world can afford
Lydia I beg of you, don’t leave this planet
Don’t throw away your life for people who’ve taken you for granted
Rise from those ashes, Lydia, rise from this earth

If you think this is for women only, then I’m afraid you’ve assumed
too early
Cause Men if you’re listening, TELL ME ARE YOU WORTHY
Are you worthy to hold that woman by the hand when she’s
searching for comfort in her dark times? Tell me would you
Move your 100 to a hundred and 10
Go above and beyond, turn your cannot to a CAN
Be worthy of a woman, and this will only happen WHEN
You become a real SON…you become a real BOY


Andrew Bolakoro is a graphic designer who loves writing and music. He is inspired by local rappers including Sammy G, Mr Grin and his cousin, Red Child. He credits his introduction to hip hop culture through his relationship with his cousin, as the initial inspiration to write rap verses and, more recently, poetry. Andrew prefers longhand journaling to document his writing.

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