My Super Man

Ever since the day of my birth through my childhood years and now my teenage years, my superman has always been there. In the bible it says that God has given each person a guardian angel, but I’m grateful He blessed me with two. I call my second guardian angel “my superman” because he has and will always be rescuing me every time I face any type of trouble or danger.

Throughout the years that I have spent with him, I noticed how incredibly patient he is. I’m not proud to say that he would always have to wait for me one way or another whenever we go on an outing. While waiting for me, he would have something to read to burn the time, from news papers to any old receipts he could find. And when I arrive he would simply ask “Oh, you’re done already?” as if he waited for only a couple of seconds when in reality it took about fifteen minutes.

Not only is he patient, but he also has an incredible talent in acting. I find him very talented in putting aside his true feelings and putting others before him. He could easily hide sorrow, anger, and even pain and act normal and put smiles on people’s faces. Throughout my whole life I’ve only seen him cry three times and that’s nothing compared to the amount of times he’s seen me cry. He would act like everything is okay just because he wouldn’t want others to worry or stress.

At home he’s known as “buffalo soldier” or “buffalo” because even though he is charismatic and lovable, he’s just as tough. He is more of the comedian so you won’t really take him seriously, but once we’re in public, you could easily see that he is the leader of my family and whatever he says goes. Providing for a family of three and for himself can be challenging but somehow he manages to pull it off.
In times of trouble he is always there. Whenever anyone of our family gets injured or ill, he would always be there. From paying for the hospital bills to bringing heaps of food and drinks to the hospital, even though the hospital provides food for their patients. I have been hospitalized a good amount of times over sixteen years and I am proud to say that I have never recalled a time where he was not there for me. Not only was he there for me through all my illnesses and accidents but he was and still is there for me when he senses that emotionally and mentally I’m not okay.

I can’t describe just what linkage or some sort of connection we have, but it is strong and I’m grateful for it. He provides for me, takes care of me, and at my saddest moments, he is also there to comfort me. He is none other than my father, (75-year young Talobak Victorio Uherbelau) my best friend, my rescuer, he is My Superman.

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  1. kerngel - January 6, 2017

    Awww. love you both..

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