One Day I Decided to Speak Palauan for a Day

Story by Jose T. Thomas

One day I decided to speak Palauan for a day
because some of my friends suggested that I do it to help me learn Palauan.

Speaking in Palauan for a day was tough
because I’ve been speaking English for all my life
I was nervous
and afraid of making mistakes
and making a fool of myself

So in the morning before I want to school and I practiced
greeting people
and it sounded ok to me

So at school I said
Good morning “Ungel tatau”
It sounded fine but my friends started laughing
And then they corrected me
Because I said it too fast
And pronounced wrong
When I spoke Palauan
it was like trying to say “Unique tutu” with a mouthful of peanut butter

So the day went by
of course I mispronounced every word I said.
In the afternoon
Nearing the end of class
I asked to go use the restroom
“Ng sebek I mosbech a benjoe?”
My teacher smiled
and said you may go.

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