Where I Belong

A Poem by Zeno C. Deleon Guerrero, Jr. Photos by Dan Lin

You aim your body towards the ocean, towards the horizon

Your eyes become clear like a foggy window that’s wiped

You pace towards the water

Step by step

The sand engulfs your toes.

You feel its coarseness on your soles.

Finally, your feet touch the water.

Its touch cools you — makes you whole

Waves of memories cascade through your mind

Splashing water at cousins

The salty brine stinging your eyes

Times spent seeing who can hold their breathe the longest

You notice the tide coming back and forth as if reaching out to you

Trying to lure you away from the city

Away from Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat

Away from the 9 to 5 hustle

You feel as if you’re a fish waiting to be caught

You continue sinking yourself into the ocean

The water creeping up your shoulder, your neck

You feel its currents, its power, grip your entire body

You finally submit because it’s where you belong

In the water

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