You think you know but you have no idea
That in this world, there’s someone
in need of help.
You see a smile and think
“Oh she’s fine.”
But have you ever stopped and
think to yourself,
“Is she really?”

When I was 15,
I was lost
No one to talk to,
Just myself
All alone
I had friends, but felt abandoned
But one day, someone came to help me
He wasn’t superman, nor batman
Just a regular guy, who cared enough
To pick me up

He was tall
His hair was full
Whenever he looked at me
Calm and gentle
Voice, smooth and sweet like caramel
You can see little shades of gold
With a hint of hazelnut in his eyes
Looking into them
I felt safe
Like I wasn’t alone anymore
I was shy ans cared
But he healed my scars
That burnt
And hurt
words ringing in my ears
like thunders crackling and roaring.

“You’re weird.”
“Why can’t you be normal?”
“You don’t belong here.”
“No one likes you.”

But everything changed
with a single smile.
He picked me up and said
“Everything’s gonna be okay. You’re not alone.”

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