You think you know but you have no idea what you are thinking of. Therefore you are spacing out and mumbling the words enough for the person closest to you to hear. Then finally it all comes to your mind that you were told something that you were interested in. That leads to your hard time trying to figure it out. But eventually it will all come to your senses. It could be an important event, thought, or maybe just comment someone said to you that got you caught up in the mix. But you want to address everybody to let people understand you. I just want to stress this out because this sometimes happens to me and I think it’s important that people understand other people that are the same as me or let say, “on the same boat.”

This dates back to when my father passed away. And sometimes I space out thinking about the memories that we had. All the lonely times at home would be spent with him but all was gone. I had to go to the mainland to stay and go to school. All the times that he spent alone could have been with me. That is what I start thinking of an dit often takes a minute or two for me to come back to my senses. But not most of the time.

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