Stories from Enewetak: Berthina Ralpho


When I was little I had a stepmother named Sibora. She took good care of me and my younger sister. When time passed, she turned mean. One day our father went to work and she told me to comb her hair. When I came near her I slipped so I stepped on her foot. She looked at me and let out some profanity words and she looked scary. I did not tell my father as I did not want to cause any trouble. But it made me cry thinking about when our Mom was leaving she wanted to take us with her, but we stayed with father. One evening my stepmom and Dad were arguing. I wasn’t sure what the problem was but I made my father stop. If it wasn’t for me, my father would have sent her out. Me and my little sister really need a mom so I will try to be good girl and not give up when things go bad such as when our stepmother is mean to us. I will persevere, One day all will be well.


Ilo iien eo ikar ajri ekar wōr juōn aō stepmother etan in Sibora. Ekar em̧m̧an an lale komro ledik eo jatū. Ke ej to̧ļak an ped ippam ro ekar jino an nana. Juōn raan jema ekar etal im jerbal, ak kōra eo jinō eba in ekūtti ak ke ij etal ekar jikiloak aō etātal im ijuri neen. Ak ereitok n̄an eō im kanijnij eō im kōrrat eō, ak ikar jab ba n̄an jem kōnke ijjab kōnaan kōman tūrabōl. Ilo iien eo kiar lukkun jan̄ im lōmnak an jinō etal ak ekōnaan bōk komro leddik eo jatū. Juōn jota stepmother eo aō im jem rōkar tūrabōl ak ijaje ta eo rōkar tūrabōl kake. N̄e enkar jab n̄a jema enkar jilkūnlok stepmother eo aō. Ak ital depji im bae n pedwōt konke ebwe an mama n̄an komro ledik eo jatū. Kōnke n̄a juōn leddik emman im ijjab ebwer jen menko rōnana. Stepmother eo amro ledik eo jatū ej kōmani. Aki j kate eō jikuul bwe in lo ilju im jaklōk eo aō.

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