Stories from Enewetak: Lilynn David

Interviews with Elders:

In 1935 during the Japanese occupation of Enewetak Atoll, the Japanese did not have transportation between Enewetak and Enjebi island. They mostly used the walap sailing canoes belonging to the Elders of Enewetak.

The Walap sailing canoes served the Japanese communicate and communte between Enewetak and Enjebi.

These two islands in Enewetak had many walab sailing canoes. People in those days were very skillful builders and sailors. These walap canoes were very helpful to the people in Enewetak and Enjebi islands during the Japanese occupation period.

After some years the war broke out between America and Japan in the year 1944. They called this war, WWII between America and Japan.

Well, the war between America and Japan destroyed almost all the walaps in Enewetak and Enjebi, but the elders kept their knowledge and skills in building these types of canoes. After WWII, the people of Enewetak were moved to Ujellang 1941(9?) and some elders took their walaps with them. In Ujelang they also practice their building skills and built walaps in Ujelnag Atoll.

The walaps built in Ujelang Atoll, helped sustained the people in their new place when moved from Enewetak in 1947 after WWII ended. When the people moved back to Enewetak Atoll in 1980, the building of walaps stopped being practiced.

Interviews with Elders:

Ilo kar yio ne 1935 ilo tere ko an ri-Japan ilo ailon in Enewetak Atoll. Ri-Japan ro ilo tereo ilo aelon in Enewetak atoll ear ejelok wa er wa ikatan Enewetak im Enjebi Island. Ri-Japan ro eke wot aer kar kejerbale wa lap ko waan rutto ro ilo Enewetak.

Wa lap kein ri-Japan ro rar leto letak letter ak enan ikotan Enewetak im Enjebi. Eja ilo yio ko ri-Japan ro rar bed ilo ailon in.

Aolep ailon kein 2 rar obrak kin wa lap ko wan Enewetak Atoll im Enjebi Island. Ritto ro ilo tere k oak ien ko an ri-Japan ilo aelonin Enewetak Atoll. Dekar kanji in itok limo er kin kar wa lap ko waer. Wa lap kein rar kanji in jiban armij ro ilo Enewetak atoll im Enjebi Island, Ilo kart ere ko an Japan.

Elikin jet yio ear walok bata eo ikotan America im Japan ilo kar yio in 1944 eo. Ke ear walok bata eo rej nae etan World War II ikotan America im Japan.

Ekwe bata eo an America im Japan rakar kakure aolep wa lap koi lo ailon in Enewetak im Enjebi. Botab ritto ro ilo ailon̄in Enewetake Atoll rakar repij wot jele eo aer ikjen wa lap ko.

Jemelok in bata eo kein 2 World War II Armij ro ilo Enewetak atoll rar emakit n̄an Ujelang ilo 1941(9?) eo ritto ro ilo Enewetak rar wenmanlok wot im ebok maten wa lap ko kar ilo Enewetak. Im kar lelok n̄an Ujelang im bar komon wa lap ilo ailon in Ujelang atoll. Wa lap kein ilo aelon in Ujelang atoll.

Wa lap kein im rar komon ilo aelon in ujelang ekar kanuij in jiban armij rein im rar emakit jen Enewetak n̄an Ujelang atoll.

Armij rein rar emakit jen Enewetak atoll ilo kar yio in 1947 jemolok in World War II. Im rol tok n̄an Enewetak ilo yio ne 1980 eo.

Ke rekar rol tok n̄an Enetwetak Atoll ilo 1980 Ekar bijrak aer komon wa lap ilo aelōn̄ in Enewetak Atoll.


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