My Island

You think you know but you have no idea

You think we are small but we are large in family
You think we are uncivilized and we have no manners
What gives you the right to say that…when our president wants to build a wall and “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”
We know respect…Do you?
You think we are just a territory…
And America faught for us… for nothing
You have no idea…
You have no idea about our culture
Where we have a barbeque every sunday
Where you can hear the sounds of sticks hitting eachother as Carolinian men chant and dance in traditional clothing
Where we Amen our relatives whenever we see them
What’s Amen you ask?
Its when you take the hand of the ones older than you, bring their hand to your forehead and you respond with “not” or “nora”

You have no idea about our history
Where our ancestors were known to be the best swimmers
Where we built canoes and you could see them sailing towards the horizon
You have no idea how special this island is…
Splatters of purple, pink and orange creating a beautiful sunset view
A melting pot of different cultures mixing and coming together
Beaches… Deep… Blue…and clear
My island is special…but… its changing
Beaches that could be as clear as water

Are darkened with litter and pollution
Canoes that once crowded the sea shore
are now replaced with boats that have a motor
The stars are blocked by a bright red and gold sunshine that apparently “is the best thing that ever came to this island”
People who once came together smiling and waving
Now don’t even wave when they see eachother on the streets
Weekends at beaches are rare
We can barely swim towards managaha
Culture is disappearing
Saipan is loosing its grip on what it once was

A home…A safe place…An island
Its like a game of cards…
Best sunshine is our king and queen building their palace to “Help us”
And we are the joker cards
Our words mean nothing
And are looked down upon the other cards, the king, the queen, and the Trump card.

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