A sense of fascination hits me as I stood there in awe, the first sight of the ruin pumped up my curiosity while my eagerness to explore made me jump towards the calm shallow water. Ten feet away stood a large dynasty that was once inhabited by royalty.

Rocks towering up against each other with such precision and concise built. I was afraid to actually lay foot on such precious soul for there were plenty of stories that depict the lingering souls of those who once lived here. But my fear didn’t stop me from attempting to explore the beauty of the ruins.

Although it may seem as if it is not much to look at, to me, there was this special feeling about this place. The calm sea and the breezy wind left it barren but behind the ruins lay mysterious stories that have yet to be discovered.

Every detail of the ruin makes one curious about how this could have been made into reality. I’ve heard and seen it in pictures, but to actually see the ruins was amazing. It is quite puzzling to put together an idea on how such creation could come to life.

Could it be human work?


Could it be of extra-terrestrial doing?

One can have so many ideas but these mysteries still remain unsolved. As I was looking towards the piled basalt leaning side by side towering on each other, all that came through my mind was how it was possible that these structures are built on this island and who could have done it.

This place holds dear to our hearts. It is unique in its own way and it holds many mysteries that have yet to be discovered. Nan Madol is a sacred place that is still respected until this very day. Although the places look beaten down, it still carries the vibe of how sacred and important it is.

Every rock and corner has its own story to tell. Although it might not look as an ideal castle for most, it was once a great castle with only royalty inhabiting the site. Nan Madol has come a long way and it still stands with hardly any great destruction to it. Therefore it should be kept and treated carefully to keep to beauty alive.

As a Pohnpeian, Nan Madol stands out as an important place. It is part of a society where the traditional culture is still in existence and is still practiced. Though things have evolved for the past decades, Nan Madol still looks as a very important part of the culture. Even though it has lost its original purpose, the feeling and respect that I have towards it has not changed.

Every corner of every rock is a mystery in and of itself.

There are stories behind the large protecting rocks that have not yet been told, there’s more to it that still has not been discovered. This ancient city is a secret treasure in the Pacific. It is important because it is one of a kind and is found only on the island of Pohnpei.

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