The Horizon is our Journey

Swish, plop, bibbidi bop,

This is how our Horizon will look —
the ocean brings a family together,
all waves collapsed against each other,
revealing our culture.

This is how our Horizon will look —
The wind will slowly bring the canoe for a race,
But really we’re sailing in enlightenment, we’re sailing with speed and we’re proud of who we are.

This is how our Horizon will look —
As we trace our steps towards the ocean,
The fruit of the water with the color-changing coral and fishes right below us,
gives us the sign of times of how we truly became the people we are today.
As you sail further from the island, you sail further from your problems
Truly, you finally get to see the beauty of life.

This is how our Horizon will look —
feet on the water, canoes lying still in the middle of the ocean,
you don’t hear any cars scratching around the road,
you don’t hear any cries or yelling from people who are in pain and blaming against each other
you don’t hear your name getting called out for all the mistakes you’ve done..
You don’t hear those at all.

This is how our Horizon will look –
You hear the ocean calling your name and telling you,
it’s okay to cry, it’s okay to feel negative about what is happening,
You hear the water telling you to forgive and mend your mistakes,
the water will create waves, but at the end of the big swirl, you control how it becomes in the end,
still and peaceful it will become,

This is how our Horizon will look –
As you switch the sail back to face the island,
Foot on the sand, water splashing through your face, you realize
Hope is like the water, so calm and distorted,
And finally, you are at peace.

This is how our Horizon will look.

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