“If anything is sacred, the human body is sacred.”― Walt Whitman

Nan Madol is known to be the most sacred place on our beloved island of Pohnpei. Nan Madol was the true beginning of every living Pohnpeian. It is the foundation of our culture and lifestyle. Nan Madol is considered to be the home of all our ancestors.

Nan Madol was believed to be created by two brothers named Olosohpa and Olosihpa, who came from the west of Pohnpei. They built the place for them to worship their sea God and God of the land. Halfway through their work one of them died, and the other one finished it and became the first ruler of Pohnpei.

Then, generations passed, leader after leader, year after year, up until now.

It is believed that there are evil spirits there. The place is very sacred and anyone who disrespects it is punished by the spirits there. The place is considered to be one of the wonders of Pohnpei and it should be for the world as well.

Nan Madol is very beautiful and there are lots of legends and stories of the place. The place itself was formed by large basalt stone rocks that are over 90 tons. The rocks were piled up creating some sort of a cage or ring. It is built on a place where the sea meets the land — the only place where the waves come crashing on the land in Pohnpei. Its structure is very special and the surroundings are very rare. The white sand, the beautiful tall trees, the view of the ocean and the place itself, is really Nan Madol.

Nan Madol should be preserved and be shown to the whole world.

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