When you go to a remote island of a few hundred people, do you expect to see the whole island powered by solar energy?

In American Samoa our island of Ta’u Manu’a is doing just that. In 2016 ASPA, along with the Solar City company, worked together to build a solar power plant in Ta’u Manu’a.

This has revolutionized the way our island produces energy today and in the future, making us one of the first islands in the Pacific to be powered entirely by solar energy.

In the past, Ta’u used to be powered by diesel generators.

The diesel had to be imported from Pago Pago which was difficult, due to unreliable transportation. Also, the power went out often and these generators caused pollution.

Now we have solar energy powering the whole island, which is reliable and helps the world because of we are using renewable energy instead of burning diesel less pollution.

According Fa’aitu Jr Asaivao and other local ASPA employees, the Solar Project has been a blessing. It has made their jobs easier and less stressful.

Now our community doesn’t have to deal with power outages or wait for the boat to bring diesel. This revolution has really been benefited Ta’u Manu’a and the earth.

Personally, as a high school student and a person who grew up in Manu’a, this solar project has been an amazing accomplishment for our island.

It has decreased spending money on electricity bills and paying for diesel. It also reduces the chances of our power going off and damaging people’s electrical appliances.

To me this is very important for the future of our island because then we can begin to think about other ways to be sustainable. This solar project is the first step to many that we can do to make our island better.

This project has made our community think of possibilities that we can create to Go Green every day.

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