As a cooperative, we believe that a story is only as good as the person telling it. We know great stories to be ones that make us relive the experience of the storyteller so vividly that we can feel each raindrop, suffer each heartache, and celebrate each success as if it were our own. In short, an excellent storyteller has the ability to capture hearts and minds with creativity and skillful execution.

But great storytellers do not simply emerge by accident.


Storytelling, like all great crafts, is one that requires practice, commitment, and guidance. Though many people are gifted with a natural ability to tell stories, it is only through proper guidance and experience that they can achieve their potential as great storytellers. Regardless of where we start our storytelling journey, we all have great stories that are waiting to be told.

That is why, the Pacific Storytellers Cooperative dedicates a great deal of our time and energy towards nurturing our members with the proper tools and training they need to improve their craft.

To honor our collective vision of connecting people to important places and issues, we are committed to bringing up the next generation of storytellers through our Shaping Storytellers Institute – an immersive face-to-face training module that emphasizes experiential learning and prioritizes community engagement.

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