CNMI Storytelling Workshop

The CNMI Storytellers Workshop, conducted over a four-day period, provided our young writers with a creative space to receive guidance on their writing and learn skills to capture images that express their thoughts and opinions about issues that matter to them. The workshop aims to connect writers in our community so that they have the support they need to continue their work, share their process with their peers, and designate time to simply free-write in each other’s company.

The CNMI Storytellers Workshop was sponsored by the Northern Marianas Humanities Council through funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities and in partnership with Marianas High School.

Note from the Editor: CNMI Storytellers

Saipan Reflection

The Journey, Your Escape

My Dying Breed

From a Different Angle

Eye the Horizon

Where I Belong

Keep Walking

My Island

You Think You Know Saipan

You Think You Know but You Have No Idea

Local Bananas with my Hero

Miscalculation—Island style