Manu’a Solar Power

The Manu’a Islands of American Samoa are some of the most beautiful and lush in all of the South Pacific. Recently, the island of Ta’u became the first in the Samoan island chain to be using 100% renewable energy. The project boasts one of the most advanced solar energy microgrids in the world. Here is the story of the energy revolution in Ta’u, told through the lenses of 5 students at Manu’a High School.


“We are a group of young storytellers from the Manu’a Islands in American Samoa, focused on telling stories about our island home to the world. Proud members of the Pacific Storytellers Cooperative”– Manu’a Storytellers

“Ta’u is the “Island in the Sun…”

Six stories from Manu’a High School

The Solar Revolution

Transformation in Ta’u, Manu’a

The vision and future of American Samoa

Manu’atele Paradise

Island in the Sun